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Noble Steel Top Mount Freezer 568L


Home Appliance Cooling and Heating Product Number : GR-M762HSHM



1. Energy Saving Smart Inverter Compressor: - Energy Saving: LG Smart Inverter Compressor responses to variable load conditions by adjusting cooling power for better energy efficiency. Cooling power is automatically controlled according to the inside and outside temperature conditions of refrigerator. - Quiet Operation: Smart Inverter Compressor makes your kitchen quiet. Inverter compressor can be adjusted to each level of temperature. So noise can be controlled effectively. Day and night, minimal noise makes you happy to be in your kitchen. - Durability: Using these high-end technology, LG produces superior Smart Inverter Compressor and apply optimized compressor to various products. So, it makes 10-year warranty possible. 2. Hygiene Fresh 3. Multi Air Flow:Door Cooling enables even temperature anywhere inside fridge compartment. Door Cooling with 3 Way Cooling System makes fridge-temperature even. 4. Bioshield™: The door seals of the refrigerator are treated with anti-microbial agent to prevent the growth of mould which can distort the seal of your refrigerator. The doors can then be tightly closed at all times with no cold air seeping out to maintain coldness, thus saving energy. -The Bioshield™ Advantage:Mould thrives in damp environments, making a refrigerator the perfect home for it to flourish—especially over the course of five, ten, even fifteen years. That’s why all LG refrigerator gaskets are treated with Bioshield™, a proprietary anti-microbial agent that prevents mould growth from causing gasket and seal distortion, thereby prolonging the life of your refrigerator. 5. Fresh 0 Zone: Fresh 0 Zone is a specialized zone for the separated food preservation in optimal temperature range. It has a front cover as an isolated space to maintain lower temperature than other shelves in the fridge compartment. Also, LG Fresh 0 Zone has minimal temperature fluctuation to keep your food fresher and longer. 6.LED Lighting: LG’s Eco LED Lighting is more compact than conventional light bulb. So it occupies much less space and allows you more inner space. Moreover, you can save energy 12 times better. And it has many other benefits, so we strongly recommend the Eco LED Lighting. 7.More Usable Space.

Anti-bacterial Activity Deodorization Multi-Flow Cooling

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US patent: 7685934 B2, 7690586 B2, 20050067501 A1.