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AEGIS Washer with Volt Control 7 kg


Home Appliance Housecleaning Product Number : WF8690NHW

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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


1. volt control: The Solution for Perfect Voltage Protection Samsung’s Volt Control guarantees that your washing machine works safely even with voltage deviations of ±25%. This innovative technology safeguards the washing machine from high levels of shock and even lower voltage, providing consistent volt control, which protects the life of the washing machine. 2. Anti-limescale heater stays efficient for longer: Anti-limescale heater stays efficient for longer Clothing styles may come and go, but the Samsung’s durable ceramic heater means that your washer will be around to clean clothes for years to come. Ceramic heaters prevent calcium compound build-up. Calcium build-up absorbs more electricity and requires special detergents to dissolve the calcium compounds. The quick-heating ability of ceramic heaters increases energy efficiency, translating into cost savings on your next electricity bill. 3. aqua stop: 2-Step Perfect Leakage Protection Protect your machine and home from water damage with Aqua Stop technology.This is especially invaluable for people living in apartments or multi-floor buildings because this sensor design prevents water-related emergencies and damage. 4. diamond drum: "No more fabric damage With most conventional washing machines, it is quite common for fabrics to protrude from these holes and be damaged in the process. But with the unique embossed design of the Diamond Drum, the holes are both 43% smaller and located deep within each diamond-shaped depression to prevent fabrics from sticking out and consequently being damaged."" 4. silver wash: Clean Laundry, Healthy Garments Unless you boil or use anti-bacterial detergents, normal washing methods still leave harmful molds and bacteria in your clothes. Unsurpassed in innovative technology, Samsung’s Silver Wash technology keeps clothes completely free of mold and bacteria by using the time-tested tradition of silver. 5. big capacity wild door: Extra-large 460mm Door, Ultra-wide 330mm Hole for Easier Use With an extra large 460mm door, it’s easier to load and unload big bulky items and lets you take a closer look inside at all those diamonds just waiting to care for your garments. 6. user-friendly display: Conveniently Designed Panel, More Comfortable Operation The user-friendly display panel with jog dial, LED, soft touch buttons, and separate easy-to-read digital displays makes setting the wash programme and watching the progress of a cycle easy and less confusing.

Anti-bacterial Activity

Manufacturer's Description

The Samsung's exclusive Silver Wash feature uses the natural power of ionic silver to not only clean clothes, but to reduce bacteria and even protect against bacteria growth for up to a month after washing. This revolutionary cold-water wash not only saves energy by reducing your hot water needs, it gives fabrics a hypoallergenic (free of allergies) deep clean without using bleach or other chemicals that could damage your fabrics or irritate your skin.

The Ag+ Silver Nano Technology process comprises of three stages, beginning with the formation of silver ions using a unique Electrolysis Kit, and finishing with sparkling clean, bacteria-free clothes.


Electrolysis and formation of silver ions


Permeation of silver ions into fabric during wash and rinse cycles


99.9999% reduction of bacteria in fabric and protection from bacteria growth for up to one month.