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TGV TMF with Bar Handle 450 L


Home Appliance Cooling and Heating Product Number : RT511MASW



Manufacturer Asserted


Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


1. Silver Nano Deodorizerâ„¢: The Silver Nano coating in the inner lining of the refrigerator prevents propagation of bacteria, hence providing a more hygenic storage area. Odour particles are filtered through Silver Nano particles, decomposing and deodorising unpleasant odours. 2. Coolever Zone: Perfect fit: The Coolever Zone with its perfect-fit design eliminates the gaps existing in conventional crispers. The tightly-sealed drawer maintains optimal humidity supplied by conduction cooling technology, unlike conventional crispers. Fresh for longer: The perfect-fit design keeps vegetables fresher longer as it prevents them from direct contact with cooling air. Lets your food breathe: The crisper exhales excess humidity to prevent vegetables from getting damp from humidity outlets. 3. Air Shower: As cold air flows from the top and back of the freezer compartment, food freezes quickly and safely. When a new item is placed in the freezer, it activates the cool air shower to bring the temperature rapidly back to optimal levels faster than other models. 4. Cool Booster: The penetrating cool air from each side increases cooling efficiency. Cold air is evenly distributed throughout the compartment so that food is completely enveloped in cold air keeping it super-fresh. This provides even cooling throughout the refrigerator and quickly restores the ideal temperature after the door has been opened. 5. Easy-to-Clean Gasket: Designed for total convenience, the gasket detaches easily for regular cleaning. 6. Movable Twist Ice-maker: A simple twist is all you need to dispense ice cubes. You can also move the ice-maker to a different spot. 7. Tempered Glass Shelves: These shelves offer a clear view of the items stored and also supports up to 150 kilograms with a new high-strength material.

Anti-bacterial Activity Deodorization