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Reverse Osmosis


Environment Water and Wastewater

Reverse Osmosis


Surface Water Treatment Industrial Process Separations Boiler Feed Water Cooling Tower Makeup Industrial Wastewater Treatment Municipal Drinking Water High Purity Pre-treatment
Drinking water Boiler feedwater Surface Water Industrial Process Separations Cooling Tower Makeup


Welded and Powder Coated Steel Skid Frames Low Energy or High Rejection Membrane Elements FRP Pressure Vessels Welded Stainless Steel High-Pressure Pipe Work 5-micron Pre-Filter and Housing Integrated Process Controls Automatic Inlet Valve User-friendly Microprocessor Controls Automatic Flush System Pre-Filter, Post-Filter, Primary, and Final Pressure Gauges Permeate and Concentrate Flow Transmitters Inlet and Permeate Conductivity Transmitters Pressure Transmitters (CIP) Clean-In-Place System with Heated Mixing Tank

Manufacturer's Description

Wigen is a leading provider of industrial and municipal RO and NF systems with capabilities that include: engineering, manufacturing, site supervision, commissioning and operator training. We have been designing and building RO and NF systems since the early 1990's and have hundreds of successful installations throughout the world. Like the rest of our products, all of our RO and NF systems are designed and built for the client's specification application. Taking into account the influent water quality and temperature, as well as, permeate and concentrate requirements, Wigen is able to create custom solutions that are cheaper than other's catalog offerings. Systems can range in size from a few gallons per minute to millions of gallons per day. Most of our designs include the required pretreatment systems (equipment and chemical) in order to reduce or eliminate fouling and scaling of the membranes.