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596L Net Stainless Steel VCM Side by Side Fridge


Home Appliance Cooling and Heating Product Number : GS-J5961NS



1. Door-in-Door™ 2. Hygiene Fresh+™: All 5-Step for Antibacterial Deodorization Hygiene Fresh+™ is developed to eliminate bacteria and bad odors. (1st, 4th, 5th Step) Double photocatalyst and UV LED eliminate bacteria and deodorize. Bacteria and odor inductive substances are decomposed through the combination of the triple steps. 3. Big & Spacious Capacity: Designed specifically to store more food at a time, the new 667 gross liters refrigerator is LG’s biggest to date. The fridge’s interior space has significantly increased, helping users overcome any limitations they have experienced with smaller capacities. Moreover, the basket compartment in the door has increased to cater for one entire extra row of canned drinks, so consumers can enjoy more chilled drinks at a time. 4.Inverter Linear Compressor: LG’s Linear Compressor technology enables its refrigerators to be industry leaders in energy savings, freshness, noise levels, capacity and durability. Inverter Linear Compressor efficiently controls cooling power and reduces internal friction to achieve an energy efficiency rating of 4 ticks. Changing from reciprocal to piston drive means optimal efficiency and big energy savings. Fewer friction points work to reduce noise levels significantly while enhancing the product’s durability, allowing LG to offer a 10-year warranty on refrigerators utilizing the Linear Compressor. 5. LED Lighting: LED is 2 times brighter than conventional model with less energy and has a long life span.It allows fresher food with less heat release. Also more useable internal space by eliminating light bulbs 6. Moist Balance Crisper: This is a special lattice-type box cover which maintains moisture at an optimum level. Moisture from stored food is evaporated and then condensed on the lattice, maintaining the correct balance of moisture in the box. 7. Stylish Exterior Design.

Anti-bacterial Activity Deodorization

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US patent: 7685934 B2, 7690586 B2, 20050067501 A1.