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Petroleum Coatings

Petroleum Solutions


Aviation (Commercial and Military Aircraft) Gas Stations (Retail Gasoline Storage Tanks) Marine (Barges) Trucking (Tanker Trucks) Rail (Tank Cars)
Truck Gas station Aviation equipment Marine applications Rail


NanoVapor's solutions provide solid business value to customers by improving: Transportation asset utilization by significantly reducing maintenance downtime. Product shrinkage by reducing vapor generation during transportation and storage. Workplace environmental health and safety by minimizing venting or release of harmful vapors and significantly reducing the risks of tank vapor combustion. Environmental impact, as NanoVapor's products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and completely safe for humans, plants and animals.

Non-toxic Environmentally Friendly Product Shrinkage

Manufacturer's Description

NanoVapor Inc. offers breakthrough technologies in the industrial management of vapors created by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). These patented technologies improve the safety, health, workplace and environmental issues related to vapor management in the Aviation, Marine, Railroad, Tanker Trucks, and Energy industries. 
NanoVapor's two patented systems and technologies may be used separately, or together, to more effectively increase the safety and operational efficiencies that are degraded by the flammability and harmful effects of organic vapors. 
These innovative systems use proprietary chemical products (which work at a molecular level) to suppress and capture up to 99% of organic vapors. They are most effective for hydrocarbons that are categorized as C5 or higher, such as gasoline and jet fuels. 
Because the systems control vapor emissions at their source, operational efficiency and asset utilization improves. Our products are green and sustainable. While improving workplace safety, air quality, and environmental impact, they remain non-toxic; fuel and water-soluble; and are safe for human, plants and animals. 
NanoVapor's systems rapidly suppress the formation of harmful organic vapors, reducing risk of vapor combustion or tank explosion. This all adds up to a measurable safety and economic value proposition for businesses involved in the production, transportation, storage, and use of crude oil or its derivative products.