Registration Date 21 Sep 2015

Single Multi-Function Oven 60 cm


Home Appliance Cooking Appliances Product Number : GEZS57000



1. 75 Litres Usable Oven Capacity: Now you can welcome more guests: the usable oven cavity has been enlarged to 75 litres. It is one of the biggest on the market with an overall gross capacity of 89 litres without the trays and racking. 2. Chef Assist Programme: The intuitive Chef Assist programme automatically selects the correct temperature, duration and cooking function, offering up to 50 pre programmed recipes. 3.Multi Taste Oven: The Multi-Taste oven provides maximum flexibility and even cooking. Three different meals can be cooked simultaneously without mixing flavours. 4. Easy Access Design: For maximum flexibility, the oven comes with either a left-opening or drop-down door, allowing easy access to the interior. 5. Excellent Clean Glass Door: The first nano technology used in domestic ovens! This innovative technology was created by Grundig to save you time and money. The oleophobic nano coating used on the inside glass door helps resist grease, so you won't have to invest heavily in cleaning products. your oven will always look great 6. Catalytic Liners: The catalytic liners make cleaning quick and easy. They cleverly absorb cooking grease and reduce food odours. No more harsh cleaning chemicals! 7. Pizza Stone: The pizza stone allows you to cook delicious pizzas and bake to your hearts content , it can also be used as a stylish serving tray. Allow the pizza stone to preheat with the oven for best results.

Self-cleaning Oleophobe