Registration Date 21 Sep 2015

Single Multi-Function Oven 60 cm


Home Appliance Cooking Appliances Product Number : GEBM34001



1. Booster: The booster Function heats up the oven quickly, saving you time and energy. Ideal for when you're in a rush and want to get started straight away. 2.Excellent Clean Glass Door: The first nano technology used in domestic ovens! This innovative technology was created by Grundig to save you time and money. The oleophobic nano coating used on the inside glass door helps resist grease, so you won't have to invest heavily in cleaning products. your oven will always look great 3. Low Noise Level: Whether you are enjoying a dinner party or just cooking for your family, in today's open plan kitchens you do not want a noisy oven. This Grundig oven is only 41 dB, less than half of a conventional oven, letting you be the centre of attention, not the oven. 4. Catalytic Liners: The catalytic liners make cleaning quick and easy. They cleverly absorb cooking grease and reduce food odours. No more harsh cleaning chemicals! 5. Finger Print Free Stainless Steel: No need to worry about grubby finger prints as the stainless steel fascia has been designed to resist grease and dirt.

Fingerprint Resistance Self-cleaning Oleophobe