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Fridge - 508L Top Mount


Home Appliance Cooling and Heating Product Number : MR-508E



1. Elevating shelf: Simply slide the lever and you can raise or lower each shelf by up 40 mm. There is no need to remove any items from the shelf... what could be easier than that! 2. Flexible shelf system: A unique smooth-sliding shelf, to create height space you need. Use two full glass tiers or slide one half way back. 3. Anti-bacteria food liner: An Anti-bacteria liner and Titanium filter create a lifetime anti-bacteria hygienic environment for your food. 4. Large bottle pockets: The smart big bottle door pocket is designed for convenient storage and retrieval of large and small bottles. The door pocket also features handy side door access. 5. Sliding chilled case: Equipped with a smooth-sliding roller, the Sliding Chilled Case allows for easy access. Great for storing dairy products, fresh fish or meat and chilling drinks. Food is stored around 0°C, ensuring longer lasting freshness. 6. Adjustable door shelf: Offering storage to suit your needs, each pocket being adjustable for different shapes and sizes. 7. Large tower light: The refrigerator is brightly illuminated by a tower-style light making it easy to see the contents. 8. Tempered glass shelves: The Tempered Glass Shelves are easy to clean, heat resistant and built to withstand up to 101 kilograms of weight.

Anti-bacterial Activity