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Registration Date 7 Sep 2014

NANOBYK UV absorber


Construction Masonry Materials Product Number : BYK-UV 3505

Scratch Resistant Additive


NPD Conjectured

Silicon dioxide

SiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7631-86-9


1. Wood & Furniture Coatings 2. Printing Inks Industry
Coatings Paint Wooden surface Inks


Even at a low dosage BYK-UV 3505 displays a strong reduction in surface tension and improves substrate wetting, even of difficult substrates. Surface slip is significantly increased even at low dosage. This leads, amongst other things, to an improvement in scratch resistance and the easy-to-clean properties. As a result of its multiple acrylic functionality, BYK-UV 3505 crosslinks with radiation curable systems and thereby produces long-lasting effects without migrating. Its recoatability must be tested, surface sanding is recommended. The product is very compatible and causes no haze in the coating system. BYK-UV 3505 is suitable for solvent-free, solvent borne, and aqueous systems. BYK-UV 3505 improves substrate wetting and the leveling of 100%, UV-curing overprint varnishes. As a result of the strong reduction in surface tension, this product is primarily extremely well suited to wetting critical substrates and to conventional offset inks. The additive also causes a reduction in the coefficient of friction (COF) and a good tape release effect. The use of BYK-UV 3505 leads to an increase in gloss. The good compatibility with standard binders enables highly transparent overprint varnishes to be produced.

Compatibility Mechanical Resistance Self-cleaning UV Protection Wettability Anti-slip