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Injection Well Stimulation


Petroleum Well Treatment Product Number : SS680

Well Stimulation Chemicals


Effective for a wide range of permeability: Low (5mD) to High (1000mD) Long-term anchoring and surface wetting modification Decrease the cost of down time Decrease acidizing frequency Increase the water injectivity for low permeability well by as much as 150%

Wettability Air Permeability Water Injectivity Improvement

Manufacturer's Description

Well stimulation operations have always played a crucial role in production optimization. Acidizing involves the pumping of acids within the wellbore area at rates and pressure designed to attack unwanted restrictions to wellbore permeability. Numerous acid stimulation techniques have been employed in injection well operations to achieve uniform distribution across the injection interval. Acidizing  for well stimulation is not always the best option and is often ineffective for the lowest permeability reservoirs. Furthermore, acidizing requires more frequent treatment, higher costs and is harmful to the environment.

SS 680 is a nano-technology based product that can help to increase water injectivity significantly. As a injection well stimulation solution, SS680 is a water-based environmentally friendly solution. It helps to increase the water injectivity in three aspects: prevents water films from forming, prevents scaling and prevents clay swelling. Field tests have shown that SS680 helps to increase the injectivity rate by as much as 150% in low permeability wells.