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Nano Gold Facial Mask


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Facial Mask


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Au Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-57-5


Protects and defies facial skin from aging and deterioration Diminishes wrinkles and aging appearances for youthful skin Promotes blood circulation to flush out wastes for healthy skin Exfoliates dead skin cells with cell renewal process Reduces skin dark spots and blemishes Lightens skin texture to be fair and glowing naturally Tightens and minimizes facial skin pores Peels off the blackheads effectively Enhances rough skin to be smooth and even Keeps collagen and elastin for tightness of skin Soothes and relaxes epidermis skin network

Skin Moisturizing Skin Hydrating Skin Rejuvenation Skin Whitening Regenerating skin Skin Nourishing

Manufacturer's Description

St. Herb Nano Gold Facial Mask offers the youthfulness and radiance of skin texture with age-defying and rejuvenating effects. With peel-off gold mask formula, it can eliminate dead skin cells, blemishes, and blackheads effectively and leaves tender feeling and brightness to skin as a baby texture.


Pure Nano Gold Peptide greatly simulates the blood circulation to help detoxify skin out if wastes for healthy look, and it also provides melanin pigmentation reducing effect to help control and lighten skin texture to be fair and glowing naturally. The mask while soothing prevents collagen destruction and increases more collagen and elastin for tightness of epidermis skin layer.


The peel-off mask embosomed with various valuable natural extracts generously relaxes skin texture. The skin is rejuvenated and left with the reduction of wrinkles and aging appearances. St. Herb Nano Gold Facial Mask is recommended for all skin types, especially for those encountering impurities and aging of skin. It provides the feeling of youthfulness and tightness of skin even at the first application.