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Sunscreen SPF 60


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Provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA & UVB rays Keeps skin protected and moisturized with oil control agent Protects against premature aging and skin darkening Soothes facial skin to be smooth and supple Covers skin without leaving greasy or waxy film on the skin Easy to wash off with non-sticky property Causes no acne and no over-whitening look Waterproof* and sweat-proof Suitable for all skin types even sensitive ski

UV Protection Skin Moisturizing Non-greasy Easy to wash High Sun Protection Factor (SPF) Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

The unavoidable polluted environments and exposure to UV radiations, especially for UVA and UVB, are the main cause of skin damages. UVA causes skin aging and darkening, while UVB is the cause of skin burning and also melasma.

St. Herb Sunscreen Nano Complex SPF 60 is a special formula combined with high SPF to protect skin against UVB from sunburn, melasma and polluted environmental damages as well as PA+++ Value to protect skin against UVA from premature aging and skin darkening. The smooth cream enriched with moisturizing agents enables the skin protection to restore elastin and collagen, repairing skin elasticity and slowing down skin aging.

The non-chemical sunscreen formulated by Nanotechnology called Nano Polymer provides super small nano particles to help cover skin and scatter the UV rays away - different from chemical sunscreens that absorb UV rays causing skin darkening. Also it is waterproof* and does not leave skin waxy film or over-whitening look after application but a natural-looking skin.

St. Herb Sunscreen Nano Complex SPF 60 is considered an effective protection for outdoor lifestyle because of its properties in long-lasting UV protection that helps protect against skin blemishes, and also a good base for make-up. The continual use with St. Herb Melanosome Nano Lightening Complex is recommended with the result in a luminously flawless healthy looking skin.