Registration Date 11 Oct 2015

Anti-Cellulite Nano Cream


Cosmetics Skin Care



Decongests and improves blood flow in capillaries to flush away fats and excess fluids Stimulates metabolic process to burn out body’s fat reserves and transform into energy Decreases and smoothens the appearance of cellulite and fat dimples under skin layers by stimulating the breakdown of fat Controls and prevents the formation of new fat cells Reduces swelling condition and controls the proper dehydration through water retention treatment Rebuilds collagen and elastin to firm and tighten skin texture with the reduction of skin pore size Promotes Tyrosinase activity inhibition to tone skin complexion Activates natural regeneration of dermal tissues and detoxifies skin for supple and better skin appearance Reshapes the body to be trim and proportioned

Swelling Protection Regenerating skin Circulation improvement Plant Metabolism Acceleration

Manufacturer's Description

St. Herb Anti-Cellulite Nano Gel deeply plays a role in the decomposition of fats and the breakdown of cellulite by stimulating metabolic process via the blood regulation in vessels and capillaries that can furthermore reduce swelling condition from water retention and support the transformation of fats into energy.

The natural ingredients work with innovative technology to diminish fat dimples and cellulite under skin layers with the replacement of new cellular growth of compacted and supple skin condition due to the activation of cell regeneration that promotes the rebuilding of skin collagen and elastin. The skin is also toned and treated to be radiant with Tyrosinase activity inhibition that properly controls the melanin production.

This Anti-Cellulite Nano Gel is suitable for a spa parlor or home use. The consistent use of the cream with massage will definitely get rid of fat and cellulite lobules under skin layers to promote charming symmetry of shape.