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Melanosome Nano Lightening complex


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Promotes collagen and antioxidants Protects skin from free radical damages. Controls the production of melanin and fades away dark spots Removes freckles and evens out skin tone Hydrates and smoothes skin Repairs skin with a more brightening look Easy absorbed with non-greasy and non-tacky properties

Skin Hydrating Anti-oxidant Non-greasy Skin Whitening Freckle Reduction

Manufacturer's Description

Melasma can occur due to the overproduction of melanin by a pigment-producing cell called melanocyte. Skin can be sensitive and become dark when getting ultraviolet light from sun exposure due to the fact that melanocyte functionally stimulates the production of the skin pigment cells called melanin in order to absorb UV rays, protecting skin from getting burnt.

Treatment by applying bleaching cream combined with hydroquinone is very popular because it can quickly whiten skin by killing melanocytes, but this is the wrong concept for melasma treatment as our body will stimulate the production of melanocytes over time more than it is destroyed. So the skin becomes darker, causing permanent melasmas.

St. Herb Melanosome Nano Lightening Complex enriched with various natural extracts by the novel innovation of Nanotechnology doesn’t kill melanocytes but inhibits their function in overproducing pigments as well as deeply nourishes and lightens skin with nano particles in addition to protect against aging signs.

The well-absorbed cream contains no harmful chemical contaminant but moisturizing and purifying agents formulated with ultimate extracts, helping efficiently reduce melasmas, freckles and age spots and prevent further accumulation of pigments.

Combined with healthy collagen fibers and Vitamin C and E antioxidants, St. Herb Melanosome Nano Lightening Complex can flourish skin and fill in fine lines and wrinkles, revealing a fuller healthy lightening skin.