Registration Date 11 Oct 2015

Nano Filtration System


Environment Water and Wastewater

Nanofiltration Plant


Removal of heavy metals from wastewater Removal of pesticides from groundwater Wastewater recycling in laundries Water softening & nitrate removal
Municipal Water Solutions


Low cost operations with much lower discharge and waste water generation in comparison to other similar plants Delivering high reductions in heavy metals, TDS and fluoride Actively removing bacteria, VOC’s, pesticides and viral contaminants from water Causing reduction of nitrates, sulfides and salt content Allow chemical-free filtration Ideal for correcting water supply from municipality, wells, rivers and rain water Effective removal of iron, lime and other harmful chemicals Allows minerals essential for health to pass through Matching up with demands of constant water supply Lowest waste water with processed water superior in taste Lowering operating costs and less maintenance Increasing working efficiency of systems Increase system service life and ensuring lower maintenance costs Lowering energy costs with increased productivity

Anti-pollution Salt Resistance Anti-microbial activity Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Heavy metals reduction Partial Softening Preserves Water Character Nitrates Removal Hardness Rejection Impurities Removal Pesticide Removal Chemicals-free

Manufacturer's Description

These Nano-filtration systems make effective use of high pressure for the separation of contaminants from water supply. As water is forced through membranes having tiny holes(.0001 micron in size), bacteria, viral contaminants, VOC’s, SOC’s and other unwanted water contaminants are effectively removed. Further, these systems also have in them water softening capabilities that involves removal of hardness ions like calcium and magnesium.