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Registration Date 12 Oct 2015

Liquidity water purification cartridge


Environment Water and Wastewater

Water Purifier


Safe water for households anywhere.


Achieves EPA standard microbiological removal performance at gravity-pressure: 6-log bacteria reduction, 4-log virus reduction and 6-log cyst reduction Complies with WHO criteria for highly protective Complies with US EPA drinking water standards Does not use chemicals (chlorine, iodine, bromine) in any way Award winning technology The most practical, user friendly gravity-fed water purifier available High flow rate – get a cup of water in about 1 minute. Unique nano-fiber membrane creates much higher flow compared to existing technologies Does not require batteries, electricity or water pressure and has no moving parts Very little maintenance. Comes with disposable pre-filter wraps that are typically replaced every 1 to 2 months to extend life of system No back-flushing required, as is common with hollow-fiber based devices Up to 1500 liter capacity per cartridge in standard water conditions – sufficient for ~6 months of usage for a household 250 -150 ml/min depending on water head height Easy to install replacement cartridge

Anti-microbial activity Organic Chemicals Removal Removal of Toxic Pollutants

Manufacturer's Description

Liquidity Nanotech Corporation’s water purification cartridge for the PATH C1 counter-top embodiment has superior flow rate, microbiological retention, and ease of use. It meets the U.S. EPA standard for microbial reduction. Liquidity’s revolutionary 0.2 µm equivalent electro-spun nano-fiber membrane creates a cartridge with dramatically higher flow rates than other filtration, while still achieving the highest purification standards. The high flow rate, about a cup per minute, dramatically improves the user experience. Moreover, as the cartridge is a mechanical filter, it has a safe end of life and will not allow bacteria and protozoa to pass at any time.