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Registration Date 14 Oct 2015

QuadCore E-Series


Electronics Processor Product Number : U4650E





highly compatible high-performance low-power consumption highly integrated

Compatibility Low power consumption High performance Highly integrated

Manufacturer's Description

VIA QuadCore Processor

VIA QuadCore processors combine four 64-bit 'Isaiah' cores on two dies, offering enhanced multi-tasking
and superb multimedia performance on a low power budget.
Featuring super scalar, out-of-order architecture, VIA QuadCore is manufactured using advanced 40 nanometer CMOS technology. The distributed performance of the VIA QuadCore provides a highly compatible,
high-performance, and low-power consumption solution for any computing market.

Product Highlights
• High-performance superscalar processing
• Out-of-order x86 architecture
• Ecient floating point unit (2 clock SP multiplies)
• Native support for 64-bit operating systems
• Hardware virtualization support
• Advanced Cryptography Engine (ACE) delivers
world’s fastest AES hardware-based data encryption
oering data encryption on the fly, an essential tool in
content protection and system security
• Pin-to-pin compatibility with VIA Eden, VIA C7 and VIA
Nano E, and VIA Eden X2/Nano X2 processors

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VIA QuadCore E-Series processors combine four 64-bit ‘Isaiah’ cores on two dies, offering enhanced multi-tasking and superb multimedia performance on a low power budget for embedded products.Utilizing 65nm process technology, VIA Nano® E-Series processors are an ideal blend of powerful performance and energy efficiency. The processors augment that with aggressive power and thermal management features within a compact 21mm x 21mm NanoBGA2 package for an idle power as low as 100mW (0.1 W). In addition to complying with RoHS and WEEE directives, VIA Nano® E-Series was the first processor platform to employ halogen-free as well as lead-free packaging technology, and be named “Total Green solution”.
Underscoring VIA’s leadership in processor miniaturization, VIA Nano® E-Series processors come with ultra compact dimensions, enabling small form factor designs and embedded applications. VIA Nano® E-Series processors also feature VIA PadLock with the Advanced Cryptography Engine delivering the world’s fastest AES encryption.