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Top Mount Frost Free (FF) Refrigerator


Home Appliance Cooling and Heating Product Number : HRF-3675GVF-SBCLAI



Manufacturer Asserted


Fe Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7439-89-6


1. Eco Friendly: Haier refrigerators are eco-friendly in nature with salient features like silent operation, low energy consumption, Non-toxic materials, recyclable parts 2.Toughened Glass Shelves: Haier Elegante Series refrigerators come with toughened glass shelves which can bear extra load without collapsing. Also saves spill down the shelves 3.Bright LED Tower: Haier Refrigerators now come equipped with Ultra Bright LED light giving fresh and clear visibility of food items and also saving energy upto 20 times and lasting for 20000 hrs. 4. Candy Box: Dedicated zone for chocolates and candies 5. Moisture Control: Intelligently controls moisture which keeps fruits and vegetables farm fresh 6. Twin Fresh Box: Health and freshness comes first. So Haier Elegante Refrigerators come with two separate boxes for Fresh Fruits and vegetables with Moisture Control technology that retains freshness in vegetables by maintaining optimum moisture 7. Active Deodorizer: Charcoal is a porous material which absorbs water and gases, so it can be used to eliminate bad odors in your refrigerator in an effective and viable manner 8. Nano Ferrite Filter: Intelligent filter ensures efficiency which cleans up bacteria, fungi and virus without electricity usage. These are killed while passing through the magnetic field of Nano Ferrite. It is able to use this till the life of the refrigerator 9.Fresh Technology: Retains nutritional value and freshness of fruits and vegetables for 5 times longer than a normal refrigerator 10.Ice Pack: Haier Refrigerators now come equipped with special Ice pack which retains cooling in the freezer section during power cuts upto 60 minutes. This helps prevent freezer food stuff from getting melted and spoiled. 11. Multi-Air Booster: Ensures quick and uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator maintaining freshness and nutrition 12. Turbo Cooling Freezer Tower: Fast cooling with 3 directional outlet in freezer compartment.

Anti-bacterial Activity Environmentally Friendly Deodorization Multi-Flow Cooling