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Liquid Gold Flash


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Liquid Gold Flash


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Au Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-57-5


Instant skin firming, skin rejuvenation and repair Contains real Nano particles of liquid gold Can be used for all skin types It utilizes our very own Nanotechnology delivery system that allows minute particles of liquid gold to be readily absorbed by the body Paraben-Free

Anti-aging Skin Moisturizing Skin Rejuvenation Paraben-free

Manufacturer's Description

Mediderm® has finally developed an amazing skincare and beauty product that could only be described as the closest thing one could ever have of getting an elixir of youth, our Liquid Gold Flash contains our very own Y.O.U.T.H+ essence which is able to provide your skin with instant rejuvenation and revitalization so you can easily get a more youthful appearance in just a matter of minutes. This amazing serum also contains a dose of liquid gold that can instantly help revitalize your skin cells, this serum gives your skin cells a boost of life-giving essences with the help of a dose of supercharged gold particles that can give energy and vitality to each skin cell it comes in contact with as gold is a well-known energy conductor.

Known since ancient times for its healing and revitalizing properties, gold has been used by ancient Egyptians as well as alchemist for different purposes simply because it symbolized the perfection of matter and because it is said to help cleanse both the spirit and the body. And with the help of Mediderm®’s own technology and advancements, we were able to develop a way to utilize gold to transport energy towards your skin cells in order to provide a wide array of beauty and skincare benefits. Mediderm®’s nanogold is nothing like the other gold-based skin care products; this is simply because each nano-particle of high quality gold is readily absorbed by your skin cells. This product also contains select botanical extracts, amino peptides and our own proprietary Y.O.U.T.H + complex that can provide you with instant rejuvenation, firming, even skin repair and anti-aging benefits.

This truly potent and luxurious product definitely deserves the name The Ultimate Youth Elixir since it can instantly lift, redesign and restructure your face in order to reveal younger looking facial contours and features as well as youthful, glowing skin.