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Intensive Aloe Vera Cream


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Excellent moisturizer for sensitive skin Contains top quality Aloe Vera components unparalleled by most high-end skin care products Helps restore skin to its optimum condition Delivers an instant surge of vitality and hydration Utilizes our very own Nano-active delivery system Is easily absorbed and has potent skin hydration properties Effective skin moisturizer and also provides nutrients for your skin cells Helps restore skin’s youthful glow and suppleness Deep skin hydration Best dry skin treatment product Best moisturizer for dry skin

UV Protection Skin Moisturizing Skin Hydrating Skin Rejuvenation Skin Nourishing Skin Redness Removal

Manufacturer's Description

Sensitive skin types can be very difficult to care for as it can easily get damaged and it can easily get irritated especially when it develops dry skin. Complications often results in redness, swelling and itchiness especially when it is left untreated or when you do not have the necessary products that can help you deal with this problem. Individuals who have sensitive skin types do have a hard time trying to find a product that can rejuvenate or hydrate sensitive skin and can also give them an assurance that it will not harm or irritate their skin at the same time; for this cause, Mediderm® has developed our very own rejuvenating and revitalizing cream specifically formulated to hydrate and nourish sensitive skin without causing any irritations.

Our Sensitive Intense Aloe Vera Cream contains the essence of Aloe Vera in order to provide deep skin hydration; this makes it one of the best skin moisturizer products you can find for sensitive skin today. It also utilizes an amazing delivery system which allows our product to moisturize deep down your skin’s inner layers by enveloping its active ingredients in Nano-capsules for fast absorption and for maximum effect. This product will not just help you deal with dry skin problems on your sensitive skin surface; it also helps you deal with different skin problems by providing your skin with much needed nutrients.

With the help of its select ingredients and unique Aloe Vera delivery system, this amazing product for sensitive skin helps you get soft, supple and beautifully radiant skin.

Mediderm®'s Sensitive Intense Aloe Vera Cream contains high quality Aloe Vera components; it is definitely one of the products which contain an intense dose of the skin repairing properties of Aloe Vera in the market. As one of our best facial moisturizer, it delivers a huge surge if vitality in order to help restore your skin to peak conditioning. It provides deep skin hydration and at the same time, it helps repair and protect your skin.

If you want to know how to treat dry skin on a sensitive skin type, then you need to know more about this amazing product. This dry skin treatment is specifically formulated not just for sensitive skin, it was developed specifically to help protect delicate skin as well as to repair dry, inflamed skin with the help of its soothing properties as well as its calming shield which helps prevent irritations.

On contact and topical application, it creates a soothing sensation which helps calm your skin, its Aloe Vera components also helps protect your skin from dryness while helping to seal-in your skin's natural moisture. This product helps regenerate and restructure your skin so you can show off supple, radiant and significantly beautiful skin.