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nSkin 5 Second Wrinkle Eraser Concentrate


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Wrinkle Eraser Concentrate


Contains three of MEDIDERM’s most powerful anti-aging complexes Instant and powerful skin tightening & Wrinkle Smoothing effects with DermaTight-6™. Fast myo-relaxing effects which reduces facial expressions. Removes “crow's feet" and wrinkles around the eyes with MyoFreez™. Fast fill & seal effects that penetrate wrinkles creases. Seals at the surface and diminishes the look of facial lines and wrinkles with CollaFill™. Unique Rollerball application pen reduces wrinkles in a matter of seconds. For all skin types but best used for premature signs of skin aging Amazing product that provides instant and powerful skin tightening; Provides Wrinkle Smoothing effects; Removes Contains skin firming and tightening agent DermaTight-6TM; Helps give you fast myo-relaxing effects ; Also reduces facial expressions Also utilizes MyoFreezTM that works on your skin's underlying muscles; Fast fill & seal effects that penetrate wrinkles creases Paraben-Free

Smooth Appearance Anti-wrinkle Anti-aging Skin Rejuvenation Paraben-free

Manufacturer's Description

Dealing with wrinkles is one of the most studied and researched issue that a lot of dermatologists as well as skincare manufacturers are trying to tackle in order for them to develop a solid skincare product that will deal with this problem. And with more and more people trying to look for something that can effectively help them deal with fine lines and stubborn wrinkles, different treatments and skin care solutions have been formulated from Botox injections, Laser surgery and even Restylane fillers in order to help them. Unfortunately, most if not all of these new procedures and treatments can be costly, time consuming, and they might not even be able to provide you with the results that you desire.

This why Mediderm® has developed our very own nSkin® 5 Second Wrinkle Eraser Concentrate which is easy to use, significantly less expensive and can provide you with beautiful and amazing results in just 5 seconds. Taking inspiration from all of the procedures typically employed for wrinkle removal, this product helps you smooth-out fine lines and stubborn wrinkles with the help of biotechnologically prepared peptides as well as plant extracts that can help you get the most when it comes to instant firming and being able to have a youthful appearance.

And our advanced nano-inject delivery system allows for deep skin penetration 

As soon as our product comes into contact with your facial skin, it automatically forms a tensile matrix that can tighten your skin’s surface; at the same time, it goes deep into your microfacial muscles where it freezes it in order to visibly firm your skin from the inside and out. The nSkin® 5 Second Wrinkle Eraser Concentrate is definitely a powerful concentrated serum that provides you with Multi- Action Effects that will help your skin look visibly younger, smooth and beautiful.

Getting rid of wrinkles and being able to look years younger if oftentimes very hard to accomplish, with very few options available such as a handful of products that truly provide visible results and very expensive surgical options, one can be frustrated when trying to find the right solution for fine lines and stubborn wrinkles. Mediderm® now offers more than just simple wrinkle-fighting products, we have developed three amazing skin tightening, skin firming and wrinkle-filling agents that works deep down your deep stubborn wrinkles and even all the way down to your skin's underlying tissues and muscles in order to help you look younger.

Mediderm®'s nSkinTM 5 Second Wrinkle Eraser Concentrate contains our very own DermaTight-6TM, MyoFreezTM and CollaFillTM; these wrinkle-fighting agents helps tighten your skin, freezes your muscles and fills your wrinkles at the same time. What's more amazing is that using our product's unique Rollerball application, your skin will look and feel much younger in just a matter of seconds. These amazing proprietary compounds work together synergistically to give you a noticeable tighter and more youthful skin. It also incorporates select biotechnologically prepared peptides and plant extracts for instant firming and to help your skin look revitalized and radiant.

The nSkinTM 5 Second Wrinkle Eraser Concentrate is very potent, it utilizes our nanotechnology delivery system called the NanoInjectTM delivery system that allows deep skin penetration and absorption, it envelops your skin in an invisible tensile matrix that tightens on contact so you will feel and see significantly younger facial skin in seconds.