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Cleaning liquids and surfaces with plant based nanomicelles surfactants


Environment Water and Wastewater

Water Treatment Surfactant


Biobased products are proprietary compounds of plant-based linear alcohols, fatty acids, esters, and other fractions derived primarily from soy, corn, sunflower, and canola. The aqueous cleaners are among the most versatile and powerful surfactant systems in the industry today. These are not “soaps” but surfactants. These surfactants, when placed in water, form extremely powerful colloidal micelle solutions. Long-chain hydrocarbon soils such as fats, greases, oils, lipids, proteins and sugars virtually lift from the cleaning surface so that they can be rinsed away with water. Unlike caustics, met silicates and other salt-based cleaners, these products will not create ‘difficult to handle’ emulsions or damage the cleaning surface. Readily biodegradable is defined as an attribute of products that have a natural ability to biodegrade quickly and completely. Fluid leaked into the ground has the ability of substance to be digested or consumed by naturally occurring microorganisms present in water, air and soil systems. Complete biodegradability being the conversion of a substance to carbon dioxide and water. In conclusion all the companies’ products are biodegradable, safe to dispose of, competitive with petroleum-based products, requiring no permits, or compliance penalties, disposal costs or haz-mat issues. The product range includes- Industrial Cleaners including those for transportation, buildings, graffiti, Catering, hospitality, heavy duty hand cleaner, tar and gum removers etc Industrial including fruit / vegetable wash, carpet and upholstery shampoo, glass and dish wash, beer line cleaner etc Animal care products including equine total body wash, cut and graze, lorry and trailer wash etc Range of solvents, lubricants and other specialized products
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• Non-toxic • Non-flammable • Non-carcinogenic • Non-reactive with other chemicals • Non-comedegenic to skin • Highly filterable and reusable • Derived from renewable resources • Safe to use, and dispose of

Non-toxic Fireproof Biodegradability Non-carcinogenic

Manufacturer's Description

The high performance technology of the Biobased cleaners, solvents and specialty products provides customers with effective cleaning solutions without the environmental or personal hazards associated with traditional petroleum based, toxic products, performing as well if not better than their counterparts, and priced competitively. 
Products DO NOT contain:
• Petroleum distillates• Glycol ethers• Terpenes or Borates• Synthetics• Metasillicates• Builders and reagents• Caustics and chorine• Aldehydes and ammoniates• Sulfonates and silicones