Registration Date 18 Oct 2015

Membrane Filtration Pilot


Environment Water and Wastewater Product Number : Plant L

Nanofiltration Plant


Waste water purification


One, M20 Lab Module™ (flat sheet test unit) One, 2.5" diameter spiral membrane housing 4 gallon feed tank 7.5 Hp feed pump Pressure gauges Pressure control valve Cooling heat exchanger 316L stainless steel construction Cart mounted with wheels

Environmentally Friendly Energy Consumption Reduction

Manufacturer's Description

The Model L membrane filtration pilot plant is designed for performing preliminary membrane screening tests for all membrane filtration technologies (Membrane Filtration, Ultra Filtration, Nano Filtration and Reverse Osmosis) quickly and economically on small volumes of feed material.

GEA Filtration has been a leading supplier of membrane filtration technology for more than 10 years. Plants designed by Niro are known for their latest technology, performance, and energy efficiency.

Our plants can be used to meet special liquid separation requirements by utilizing microfiltration, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, or reverse osmosis. The simplicity and effectiveness of the technology allows membrane filtration to be established in many diversified industries, not only for the production of special products, but also as a means of meeting environmental standards on the plant site.

As an international engineering company, GEA Filtration offers product testing and process evaluation. A range of membrane filtration pilot plants are available for this purpose. We follow process development closely and adapt our know how to design membrane filtration systems.