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Registration Date 19 Oct 2015

VX855 Media System Processor


Electronics Processor Product Number : VX855





high performance Compatible ultra power efficient fanless

Compatibility Low power consumption High performance Fanless

Manufacturer's Description

The VIA VX855 is a low-power, highly integrated all-in-one system processor chip in a small 27 mm x 27 mm package that addresses key requirements of small form factor, high performance, power sensitive embedded applications. The VIA VX855 is VIA’s first integrated single chip that introduces the advantages of next-generation high definition H.264 and VC-1 video compression algorithms while maintaining a maximum power of only 2.3 watts, delivering the best performance in a small package.The VIA VX855 integrates a high performance DDR2 memory controller (up to 800 MHz), a 400/800 MHz FSB CPU interface, and extensive I/O capabilities (such as EIDE, USB 2.0, SDIO, UART, SPI, LPC and SMBus) in a single chip. It supports the VIA Chrome® 9 HCM DX9 3D engine, High Definition audio controller, and plenty of display interfaces in its LVDS transmitter, CMOS LCD interface and CRT interface for more flexible multimedia playback options. It also supports dual independent displays on the same platform.
VIA VX855 provides an advanced 3D graphics experience, which is powered by its high frequency GFX graphic engine and unifed video decode acceleration. The high performance image processing features includes support for full hardware acceleration of leading video standards including H.264, MPEG-2, VC1, and WMV9 — greatly relieving the burden and reducing the power consumption of the CPU at the same time. The VIA VX855 also supports up to three audio streams (up to eight channels each) with 32-bit sample depth and sample rates up to 192 kHz.The VX855 has a thermal design power (TDP) of 2.3 watts and is validated with Nano®, C7® and Eden® processors. Together with Nano® processor, the whole platform has a combined TDP of 15.3 watts, delivering incredibly high performance for demanding multimedia entertainment and making it ideal for many embedded market segments such as digital signage, in-vehicle entertainment, infotainment machines, interactive clients (POS, kiosks), gaming, and industrial control.