Registration Date 7 Sep 2014

PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel Interior Wall Panels


Construction Structural Materials Product Number : M008

NANO-Aluminum Composite Panel


1. Wall cladding, facades, roofs and canopies, tunnels, column covers or renovations. 2. Interior applications as: Wall cladding, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies. 3. Advertisement and market applications as: 3.1. Display platforms, signboards, fascias and shop fronts etc. 3.2. Transport Industry applications
Roof Walls Balcony Ceiling Facades Display platforms Signboards Transport industry


1. Well weather-resistance, high rigidity, easy for maintenance, only neutral cleanser and water needed for its self-clean performance; 2. Easy finishing with conventional woodworking tools. Short time needs for project; 3. Good workability, fire-resistance, heatsound insulation; 4. High flexibility and impact-resistance, superior surface flatness, lightweight, rigid; 5. Various colors are available according your needs; 6. Competitive price and quick delivery.

Flexibility Self-cleaning Weatherability Workability Easy to Apply Cost Effective Impact Resistance Lightweight

Manufacturer's Description

Material: 1. 3-layers PVDF coating, material is sourcing from PPG (U. S. A) INDUSTRIES, INC. HYLAR5000 2. Aluminum coils supplied by SOUTHWEST ALUMINUM (GROUP) Co., Ltd. ALCOA (U. S. A) 3. Protective film from Novacel, France 4. PE-incore is from SINOPEC QILU COMPANY Ltd. 5. Adhesive polyfin film is made by SK Korea, more than 90 degrees.