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Manufacturer's Description

Spilloclean is a concentrated, water soluble mixture of biodegradable and non-toxic surface  active  agents in a 100% organic bio-solvent. It is miscible with water in all proportions and  can be used as  a concentrate or diluted with water. Spilloclean oil dispersant is a high  performing active surfactant  that is specially formulated for oil spills clean up on land and  water. It assists with the breaking up  of the oil slick into small droplets. Spilloclean can do  this because they contain molecules that are  both water compatible and oil compatible. The  molecules align themselves around the oil droplets  allowing it to break away from the slick.  This action prevents the coalescence (reforming or joining)  of oil droplets. So, the oil can  no longer form slick on land and water surface, and it reduces the  adherence of the oil to  solid particles (sand) and hard surfaces (sea walls & boat hulls). It contains  a high degree of  emulsifying agents and is thus very effective in emulsifying free flowing oils that  would  otherwise spread rapidly or clog and pollute the environment.

 Spilloclean speeds the dispersion and breakup of the oil spill which prevents the dissolving    of  atmospheric oxygen into the sea water. The quick breaking up and dispersing of large oil  spill  allows oxygen to dissolve in sea water, thus allowing it to reach the living marine        organisms and  preserving the ecology. By removing the oil from the water surface, birds,  aquatic lives and  sensitive coast is protected.

 Spilloclean is 100% biodegradable and therefore very valuable for earth remediation where  oil spill  occur on land. It breaks up hydrocarbons aggregates into smaller molecules which  native bacteria  and other local microbes on land and water can easily attack. The broken  down molecules is  transformed into soil nutrients on land and feeds for aquatic life on  water. When used on land, it  neutralizes the rancidity of the oil on the soil and on the  vegetation leaving the area clean and fresh  for a lush new growth. It is all-natural, and it is  safe to the environment, birds, animals, and aquatic  life.

 Apart from use in oil spill clean up, Spilloclean can also be used as a degreaser for barges,  tanks,  rigs, boiler rooms etc. It is also very valuable in containing oil fire both on land and  water. With the  break up of the oil into water wetted droplets, the continuity of the fire is  disrupted and it also stops  any further spread of oil fire. The mixture of spilloclean and  water is non flammable and non  hazardous.