Registration Date 28 Oct 2015

Corosil X 500


Construction Masonry Materials

Corrosion Protective Solution


Bridges, Oil Rig Platforms, Oil Tankers Oil & Gas Pipelines Oil Tank Farms Containers, Cargo Tankers / SuperTankers, Lift gate Platforms Production Lines Silos All Industrial machines and tools
Bridges Pipelines Oil Rig Platforms Oil Tankers Containers Oil Tank Farms


Corosil X 500 industrial coatings utilize a nanocomposite withan extremely low thermal conductivity and high hydrophobicity. This material allows the coatings to effectively inhibit heat transfer in an ultra thin layer. The coatings offer a revolutionary advancement to thetraditional concept of thermal insulation and asset protection, providing longerperformance as well as corrosion prevention, and mold, moisture, chemical and flame resistance.

Chemical Stability Moisture Resistance Thermal Insulation Corrosion resistance Fireproof Mold Resistant Energy Consumption Reduction Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

Corosil X 500 anti-corrosive/thermal insulating industrial coatings was developed to provide unique coating solutions for sustainability, energy savings and asset protection to the Oil & Gas as well as Metal industry.The product is the next generation of effective industrial and commercial coatings combining performance characteristics that previously required multiple products to accomplish:thermal insulation, corrosion protection, chemical resistance, fire resistance.Corosil X 500 also delivers mold protection and resistant coatings suitable for the marine industry.