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Registration Date 28 Oct 2015

NanoX II


Petroleum Exploration

Embeddable Tag


Tool tracking WIP conveying equipment IT/telecom management
Tool tracking WIP conveying equipment IT


High performance-to-size ratio Passive UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2 IP68 rating for harsh environments

Manufacturer's Description

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology continues to expand past supply chain to moredemanding applications in manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, automotive and rugged assettracking. This whitepaper addresses the applications where the RFID tag will face high temperatures,autoclave processes, harsh cleaning cycles, and automotive manufacturing processes. The paperintroduces a newly enhanced RFID-in-metal tag family, the X II Series that allows implementation of theRFID tag directly on the asset early in the production process to provide management with trackinginformation as specific to better identify where the product is, where this product is stored and detectbottlenecks within the manufacturing process.RFID gives the energy industry the information that fuels efficient production and maintenance processes, and the control to protect safety in remote and hazardous locations. Xerafy is a leading innovator in RFID solutions with the energy industry, with tags that can be embedded directly into tools, equipment, pipes and other assets, models that withstand extreme temperatures and other environmental hazards, and highmemory options for storing life cycle data, inspection histories and MRO information.