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Construction Masonry Materials



Any product containing a cementitious material could be manufactured with Saylor’s. The most cost effective use of Saylor’s is in dual-stage concrete production, such as precast panels or concrete pavers. Other uses include: 1. Precast and architectural precast panels 2. Cast-in-place – pavements, road surfacing, sidewalks, and other types of concrete. 3. Manufactured concrete products – interlocking concrete pavers, concrete masonry units, roof tiles, architectural products, and cement based tiles. 4. Cement based restoration products.
Roof tiles Concrete Sidewalks Precast panels Concrete pavers Architectural products Cement based tiles Road surfacing


In general, concrete containing Saylor’s cement should be used in accordance with standards that apply to ordinary portland cement concrete and accepted industry practices. Mixture designs, chemical and mineral admixtures, and finishing techniques MUST be verified for compatibility with Saylor’s by Essroc’s Techincal Staff. Self-Cleaning: Compounds diminished or eliminated by the use of Saylor’s photocatalytic cements include: 1. Soot, grime, and organic particulates 2. Mold, mildew, fungus, and their spores 3. Algae, bacteria, and allergens 4. Tobacco smoke and stains De-polluting: Saylor’s photocatalytic cements decrease many of the pollutants deemed harmful to humans and the environment. Saylor’s has been proven to reduce: 1. Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) – major component in the formation of acid rain, ground level ozone (smog), certain toxic chemicals, and water quality deterioration. 2. Sulfur Oxides (SOx) – component to acid rain and the formation of many harmful sulfates. 3. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) – such as benzene and toluene. 4. Ammonia – NH3. 5. Carbon Monoxide. 6. Organic chlorides, aledehydes, polycondensated aromatics, among others.

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-pollution Self-cleaning Mildew Prevention Algae Resistance Mold Resistant Removal of Toxic Pollutants Air Pollutants Resistance

Manufacturer's Description Saylor’s is a proprietary, patented photocatalytic cement that has self-cleaning and de-polluting properties when utilized in concrete. The use of Saylor’s will lead to cleaner buildings and cleaner air.