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Registration Date 29 Oct 2015



Automotive Auto Additives

Oil Additive


Engine oil treatment suitable for all industrial engines, diesel & petrol. Mineral Based, compatable with mineral or semi-synthetic oils only. Can be used as an AF/AW additive as part of the additives package of fully-formulated ready to use engine oil or as a top up after market product.
Heavy machinery engines


Unique Nanotechnology minimizes engine wear – special formula creates a tenacious tribofilm that remains even after oil change, protecting your engine. This means longer equipment life and extended maintenance intervals. Especially formulated for low friction – significantly reduces friction in engines comparison to traditional lubricants. Two in one solution. No need for two separate additives; simpler and less expensive to use with added benefits. Enhancing the friction and heat reduction capacity of oil lubricant Non corrosive Non-toxic Especially effective at extreme load and weather conditions Can be used with new or used engines Greatly reduced Friction in engine Reduced fuel consumption 2 - 15% guaranteed! Lower service requirements (Extend oil change intervals) Reduce energy consumption Reduce engine noise & vibration Easier to start from cold ignition Improve power & torque performance Reduce harmful emissions Extend engine life Machine at work where it needs to be. Save on oil consumption. Save purchase cost of new filter. Less downtime in workshop.

Mechanical Resistance Non-toxic Corrosion resistance Wear Resistance Friction Resistance Noise Reduction Reduction of Harmful Emissions Energy Consumption Reduction

Manufacturer's Description

NanoLube RC-X is a new generation surface-reconditioning Nano lubricant for engine oil.
Featuring a unique “dual action” effect: multi-layer WS2 Nanospheres, lower friction and heating, thereby reducing mechanical wear.

At the same time, friction causes Nanospheres to release tribofilms that attach to surface crevices and re-smoothen them, thereby extending mechanical efficiency and apparatus life.

NanoLube RC-X is based on formulated mineral oil concentrate mixed with NanoMaterials’ proprietary super strong tungsten disulphide (WS2) multi-layered Nanofullerene particles.