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Registration Date 30 Oct 2015

Aerogel Gypsum Board


Petroleum Well Treatment

Gypsum Board


Aerogel’s extremely low thermal conductivity, nano-size and porous(>95%) particles work much like air, filling in the voids and minimizing conduction and convection. Additionally, as aerogel improves the thermal resistance of the board, it also makes it less susceptible to the transmission of wavelengths at low, mid, and high frequencies, improving sound attenuation.

Sound Insulation Thermal Insulation Fireproof

Manufacturer's Description

JIOS has been successful in developing aerogel gypsum boards, improving many of its properties including thermal resistance, fire resistance, weight and sound attenuation. Successful at both a lab and industrial scale, JIOS has developed several simple yet effective methods of incorporating various amounts of Aerogel to the manufacturing process without significant alteration.

JIOS’ patented manufacturing process allows its JIOS AeroVa® Aerogel Powder to be sold at a fraction of prevailing market prices, enabling aerogel’s high performance characteristics to be economically applied to gypsum boards as a premium product with enhanced properties and characteristics.

JIOS has been successful in manufacturing gypsum boards embedded with various amount of aerogel. The images above portray the core of the aerogel gypsum boards at 0.5 wt%, 1 wt% and 2 wt% aerogel added.