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Registration Date 30 Oct 2015

NLT Hiigh Perfformance Grease


Petroleum Oils and Lubricants Product Number : AR8200

Petroleum Grease


NPD Conjectured

Boron nitride

BN Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 10043-11-5


Applications include ‘O’ rings gaskets, bearings, gears, valves, universal joints, electric motor bearings, fifth wheels, wheel bearings, pump bearings, heavy equipment, industrial, commercial fleet, railroad, racing, industrial gearboxes, marine, wire rope, threads, etc.
Valves Joints Car Bearing oils Railroad


Nano lubrication technology - nanoborate Extremely low friction surface coefficient of 0.037 Highest load bearing 4000 lbs (3 times that of any boron) Excellent corrosion protection in marine environments Shear stability over thousands of cycles Very high dropping point (>550F) Nanoborate replaces all AW/EP additive packages in oil A true premium quality multi-purpose grease The latest calcium complex technology Far superior to moly, graphite or boric acid Compatible with water

Corrosion resistance Wear Resistance Friction Resistance

Manufacturer's Description

AR8200 High Performance Grease, with Nanoborate, is designed for extreme pressure and high temperature applications, formulated to provide maximum lubricity, wear reduction, EP, and corrosion protection in heavy equipment, bearings, gears, for all extreme environments. AR8200 is the latest development in the grease industry incorporating the most advanced solid boundary nanoborate lubricant offering properties surpassing previous boron lubricants and far exceeding traditional AW additives such as zinc, phosphorous, chlorinated paraffin’s which are all toxic and deplete as acidic and become corrosive. Nanoborate also is superior to EP additive packages found in specialty greases such as moly or graphite. AR8200 is made with superior quality oils, specialized additive package and synthetic thickeners. The thickener is the latest technology developed in the grease industry. Calcium Complex offers properties never before available in multipurpose grease, superior corrosion protection. Calcium Sulfonates are known worldwide for their corrosion protection AR8200 is completely shear stable. There is no loss of thickening power over 100,000 cycles in a grease working test. This offers long re-greasing intervals in high speed bearings. AR8200 offers a very high dropping point. It can be used in any high temperature application suitable for petroleum base grease. High polymer content equals exceptional water washout of 0.05 and water spray off protection. The Calcium Sulfonate Complex thickener also contributes with the nanoborate to maintain machine parts free from damaging deposits and contamination buildup.