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CleanBoost Maxx


Automotive Auto Additives

Fuel Additive


NPD Conjectured

Cobalt oxide

Co3O4 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1308-06-1


Diesel Engine


CleanBoost Maxx™ fuel additives offers large fossil fuel consumers a simple, cost-effective approach to combat today's high petroleum prices and reduce operating costs, especially where incomplete combustion is a problem. The underlying cause can be high levels of asphaltenes in the bunker oil, which leads to loss of ignition or carbon burnout problems, that result in excess soot formation, carbon deposits, black smoke (particulates or DPM), cold end corrosion and fouling with sulfur (sulphur) or vanadium. CleanBoost Maxx™ can help with water issues arising from storage tanks, poor fuel manufacturing and condensation from everyday equipment usage. Besides using our Combust Fuel Filter technology for remove water, CleanBoost Maxx, CleanBoost Plus and our original CleanBoost Diesel additives are designed to help reduce water by just adding the product to your bulk storage tanks. testing has shown as much as 36% of the entrained water can be removed by simply pouring in our CleanBoost additives. If you are experiencing major water issues and have an algae or microbial growth issue that our original fuel products will not resolve, make sure and ask about our CleanBoost Anti-Microbe product which will dramatically address any water or growth issues in your fuel. Test results showing water removal using CleanBoost fuel products: (Click here for results) CleanBoost Maxx™ improves fuel efficiency and combustion efficiency, by liberating more of the fuel's chemical energy, in the flame zone of boilers, or during the power stroke of diesel engines. Soot formation is prevented and less fuel is wasted in the form of particulate emissions. Greenhouse gas (CO2) and acid rain gases (SO2 and SO3), soot (black smoke), carbon build-up and fouling, slagging and cold-end corrosion are all reduced, while engine and boiler performance improves. Turbochargers and exhaust gas boilers remain cleaner and require less maintenance and water washing. CleanBoost Maxx™ reduces fuel consumption by 5 to 10% across a wide range of fossil fuels, from coal and heavy residual fuel oils to intermediate fuel oil blends, refined diesel fuels. CleanBoost Maxx™ is effective in industrial boilers and diesel engines of all sizes and is used in marine shipping, power generation, mining, construction, ground transportation and wherever high fuel prices or compliance with emissions or opacity regulations is a concern. CleanBoost Maxx™ Diesel does not affect normal diesel engine wear and it has no detrimental effects upon fuel characteristics. CleanBoost Maxx™ is safe to use and it produces no harmful incremental emissions as a by-product, unlike many fuel additives. CleanBoost Maxx™ also reduces the volatile fraction of particulate emissions (PAH's) which can promote skin cancer in humans. Secondary benefits of CleanBoost Maxx™ fuel treatment include better engine performance, extended equipment life and reduced maintenance costs, all with minimal disruption to normal engine or boiler operations. Soot formation and slagging on exhaust gas boilers is eliminated and time intervals between major overhauls of components, such as turbochargers, can be increased. Internal engine components, including pistons, rings, valves and fuel injector tips remain free of hard carbon deposits.

Reduction of Harmful Emissions Clean Combustion Energy Consumption Reduction

Manufacturer's Description

CleanBoost Maxx™ uses our same technology as our original CleanBoost and CleanBoost Plus products, CleanBoost Maxx™ can be used with # 1, # 2 diesel and gasoline at a ratio of 1:4000 dramatically reduces the carbon particulate emissions while simultaneously reducing the excess air requirements.  Although the treat ratio can be used at 1:5000 for reduced cost, the optimal treat ratio is 1:4000 or the best results across the board. The benefits are more efficient combustion which produces more energy and less emissions per unit of fuel burned.  There is the obvious saving associated with increasing the energy output of the fuel. The increased combustion also increases efficiency by reduces fouling and corrosion thereby improving heat transfer, extending equipment life, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing interruptions of equipment operations. The environmental benefits of using CleanBoost Maxx™ in all types of combustion applications. CleanBoost Maxx™ promotes the combustion of the carbon particles (soot) and condensed tar which result from the incomplete combustion of fuels. Reduced soot mean cleaner air quality and cleaner running equipment with increased fuel economy.