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Nano Fuel-saving & Maintaining Fluid for Limousine


Automotive Auto Additives Product Number : DBDS-012

Oil Additive


This product can be easily and stably dispersed in all kinds of lubricants, suitable for various lubricating system of a broad range of cars, the anti-wear and repair effect is more excellent for those vehicles run for many years and badly worn cars.


★Fuel economy: saving fuel and engine oil, 5%-25% oil consumption saved; ★Engine protection: triple strong protection to ensure that the engine is powerful in any work condition; ★Anti-wear: 80%-90% reductions in engine wear and tear; still provide superior protection under the conditions of lubrication system failure or non-oil. ★Self-repairing: wear and tear repaired dynamically, engine life extended 2-3 times. ★Fast start: superior lubrication function can significantly reduce the friction coefficient and improve the initial rotation speed. ★Power strengthening: restore the engine cylinder pressure. Power increased by 5%-35%. ★Noise reduction: effectively reduce engine noise and vibration. ★Corrosion prevention: prevent friction parts from corrosive pitting. ★Environmentally friendly: solving the symptoms of engine oil burning, blue smoke and other conditions, reduce exhaust particles by 20%-30% and smoke emissions by 50%. ◆Fast: engine working environment improved in 15 minutes, noise and vibration reduced, and power enhanced. ◆Powerful: triple strong protection including inner reinforced, surface repaired and outer anti-wear by Nano-particles. ◆Environmental Friendly: reduce exhaust particles and smoke emissions. ◆No side effects: suitable for long-term use of various vehicles, without any adverse effects or side effects.

Environmentally Friendly Corrosion resistance Wear Resistance Noise Reduction Energy Consumption Reduction Shield Protection Self-repairing

Manufacturer's Description

"Dunba Nano Fuel-saving & maintaining Fluid for Limousine" is a fuel-saving environmental friendly multi-functional lubricant additives made by 2 Nano materials with anti-wear and self-repair functions, produced with our own intellectual property rights (Patent No. ZL200810032849.1) and new scientific and technological achievement. 
1) If because of piston ring breaking, engine oil leakage due to valve oil seal becoming old, and other reasons which result to serious engine oil burning, blue smoke discharge and other fault phenomenon, then these are not included in repairing scope of this product. We suggest customers repairing your car, after that use this product. 
2) If you haven’t been cleaning the inside of engine for long time, you should clean it before using this product. 
3) Noninflammable, in explosive, in corrosive; 
4) Don’t drink and avoid long time skin contact; 
5) Protect from impurity and water; 
6) Keep in normal temperature and avoid sunlight.