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AutoMax NanoTech Engine Oil Additive


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Boosts Engine Power! Reduces Engine Knocks, Wear & Tear! Reduces Harmful Emissions! Saves Fuel! Continuous Engine Protection! Extends Engine Life!

Mechanical Resistance Wear Resistance Friction Resistance Reduction of Harmful Emissions Energy Consumption Reduction

Manufacturer's Description

AutoMax NanoTech Engine Oil Additive (NEA) is the only additive that uses liquid nanotechnology to transform regular engine oil into high performance nanotech engine oil, giving you multiple benefits with remarkable results!Engine oil undergoes deterioration as it is continuously contaminated by incomplete combustion byproducts. This leads to accumulation of carbon deposits at engine components, causing loss of power and increase in friction, engine knocks, harmful emissions and fuel consumption.
The nano-clusters in the engine oil are able to penetrate through the piston cavities and enter the combustion chamber.
High heat activates the nano-clusters to create micro-explosions that enhance fuel combustion for a complete and cleaner combustion.
Exploding nano-clusters create a gentle 'steam-cleaning' action that helps remove carbon deposits on piston rings, pistons, cylinder walls and combustion chamber.
The activated nano-clusters also act like 'ball bearings', allowing easy slippage, thus significantly reducing engine knocks and friction.