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CleanBoost PLS Gold (Penetrating Lubricant Spray) Nano-Spray & Protectant


Petroleum Oils and Lubricants



NPD Conjectured

Tungsten disulfide

WS2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 12138-09-9


* Air tools * Bolts * Bushings * Chains * Cables * Casters * Conveyors * Electrical terminals * Fasteners * Firearms * Fishing reels * Gears * Hand tools * Gun Cleaning
Chains Gears Air tools Bolts Bushings Cables Casters


* Helps loosen rusted nuts and bolts * Protects metal against rust & corrosion * Reduces drill bit drag * Lubricates chains, seals and more * Great for lubricating air tools * Great for your hunting gun and target pistols to keep them clean and operating safely. * Protects against salt and corrosion * Great for winter for protecting you frame, wheels and metal parts from rust and corrosion.

Salt Resistance Corrosion resistance Lubricity

Manufacturer's Description

Do you have rusted nuts and bolts, squeaky suspension, squeaky door hinges, or need to protect against salt and road grim?CleanBoost PLS Gold Nano-Spray is easy to use, no aerosol can and contains no harmful materials, great for many uses in shop and around home. CleanBoost PLS Gold Nano-Spray will help protect metal surfaces as well as penetrate rust, dirt and grim.Help lubricate bushings, springs, hinges, slides and more......
CleanBoost PLS is great for gun enthusiast for cleaning those semi-auto, shot gun and regular rifle application.
Great to use when drilling metal, help reduce drill bit wear and speed up your drilling jobs.
CleanBoost PLS Gold, a new advanced product for rusted bolts, great for lubrication for chains, roller coasters, hard to get places that you cannot use grease or other form of lubrication. CleanBoost PLS Gold is one of the best penetrating sprays on the market and will save a shop a lot of time and money.