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Registration Date 13 Nov 2015



Sports and Fitness Racket Sports Product Number : 061163653

Badminton Racket


The Nano Autocure process uses much higher pressure than conventional techniques (40t as opposed to 24t) to remove air and impurities from between the layers of high modulus graphite, creating a totally seamless racket for enhanced strength and flexibility. It is the only autoclave process in the world used in racket sports technology. This unique wave design in the frame draws its inspiration from the stepped construction of bamboo to creates a stronger frame that reduces torsion and allows a higher string tensions for the better player looking for enhanced control. With a unique concave power groove running from 4 o ’clock to 8 o’clock inside the 40T high modulus carbon matrix frame has doubled the restitution force of traditional 24T graphite. This creates superior resiliency and stability converting the torsion into high repulsion power. A special Kevlar matrix material inserted in the T-joint reduces torque and twist in the racket and gives increased control. This allows more forgiveness on off-center shots, effectively creating a bigger sweet spot.

Flexibility Mechanical Resistance High repulsion and shock absorption performance Torsion Reduction

Manufacturer's Description

Our top model is crafted using unique Nano Autocure technology, removing air and impurities between the 40T micro carbon layers, resulting in unrivalled strength and reduced torsion. Featuring the patented Power Groove inside the frame from 4 to 8 o’clock maximising repulsion power and stability, this stiff/regular flex, slightly head heavy racquet is ideal for the attacking player looking for maximum power without loss of control.