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Power Shot Nano 2300H


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Badminton Racket


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Carbon nanotube

CNT Carbon Nanotube CAS Number : 308068-56-6


By adding Carbon Nano Tube as the resin matrix to bond the carbon fibers, the particles of carbon are nanolized. This makes it possible to compose and structure the frame on an atomic level, making a racket lighter by up to 10% without sacrificing strength compared to hi-modulus carbon. The employment of Nano Technology makes it possible to make the frame super light weight without sacrificing the durability, which makes it possible to create rackets with excellent power and high maneuverability. We have made the strining holes for the grommets and string holes slimmer,to increase the strength of the frame by 10%. With this, we have successfully created a racket that has the stringing tension of 19-25 lbs for 4U and 20-26 lbs for 3U which prevents the frame from deforming when stringing. Also with the decreased shaft torque from the HEXAGON shaft, the stabillity increases the size of the Control Area By making the 30mm of the shaft from the base to the cap into a hexagonal shape, makes it possible to minimize the torque as much as possible while enhancing the power of the shaft. The kick point of the shaft is moved up closer to the T-joint compared to conventional rackets making every shot faster and more accurate. The three tiered shaft is adopted as the industries first. The diameter of the shaft is tapered from 7.5mm-7.3mm-7.0mm from the handle to the T-joint. The kick-point of the shaft is moved up to increase the swing velocity compared to a conventional shaft. With this shaft, it creates more power for the high clears and smashes the shuttles down to the court at a sharper angle.The shalt becomes thinner as it stretches from the grip to the head like golf club shafts. It is a shaft made using the latest technology to decrease torsion of the head. The upper part of the frame is made relatively close to the conventional egg shape when compared with the first generation of Power Shot Nano 700 and 900 with all the benefits of Power Shot Nano 700 and 900, making this model meet the needs of all-round play styles. The bottom part of the shaft is reinforced by Expand Titanium which enhances repulsion to make more powerful and high clear shots.

Mechanical Resistance Air Resistance Reduction Torsion Reduction Maneuverability

Manufacturer's Description

The Control Area, a revolutionary new concept that will replace the Sweet Spot, is an area that has the best control of the shuttle on impact. Kumpoo believes that it is important to widen the Control Area to increase the performance of the badminton racket.