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Aqua Shield Liquid Crystal Body Coating-100 ml


Construction Masonry Materials

Self-cleaning Coating


Ceramic industry Plastics Car


1. Anti-dust & Anti-static, easy cleaning. 2. Anti icing & snow. 3. Anti bacterial & Anti mildew. 4. Anti-UV function. 5. World leading hydrophobic effect. 6. 100% Colorless & Transparent nano coating. 7. High firmness & anti-aging effect. 8. Coating can last more than 3 years. 9. Excellent scratch resistance & High abrasion resistance. High hardness and high gloss. 10. Large coverage area. 11. Widely application area: plastic, painted surfaces, ceramic...etc. 12. Non-toxic, harmless green environmental friendly product. 13. Use very easily. To Apply at normal temperature and pressure. No need Heating. Natural drying 24 hours.

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-pollution Ice and Snow Repellency Non-toxic Self-cleaning Transparency UV Protection Environmentally Friendly Abrasion Resistance Anti-static Mildew Prevention Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

AquaShield's Liquid Crystal Body Coating is now powered by our new and improved formula. This new formula will delight car enthusiasts with unparallelled durability, gloss and quality that only a Liquid Crystal coating can provide. More importantly our formulation comes at an affordable price. 100 Ml is enough to cover 2 standard sized passenger vehicles. Most cars will take between 20-50 ml. You can coat 1 car twice for double the hardness and gloss or coat a second vehicle