Registration Date 21 Nov 2015

NewPro-Nano StonePlus with Antigraffiti Protection


Construction Masonry Materials



NPD Conjectured

Silicon dioxide

SiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7631-86-9


NewPro-Nano StonePlus with Antigraffiti Protection can be applied to interior or exterior as well as horizontal surfaces. Due to its formulation, NewPro-Nano StonePlus with Antigraffiti Protection is suitable for absorbent silica based stone surfaces. It can, therefore, be successfully applied as a dirt-deflecting, UV-stable coating to the following stone surfaces: 1. Brick and concrete blocks 2. Concrete stone 3. Marble 4. Natural stone such as sandstone 5. Stone Panels 6. Terracotta. The product can also be applied to floors and wall coverings, building facades, functional terracotta or roofing tiles.
Marbles Roof tiles Concrete Brick Floor Walls Facades Sandstone Terracotta Natural stone Concrete block Stone Panels


Stone surfaces coated with NewPro-Nano StonePlus with Antigraffiti Protection no longer absorb water. Further advantages include: 1. Cleaning using high-pressure cleaner, by which a pressure of 50 bar makes very effective cleaning possible 2. Easy to apply 3. Easy-to-clean 4. Enormous wear resistance 5. Frost resistant 6. Graffiti Protection 7. Hardening by precipitation at room temperature. No additional energy or UV-light necessary 8. High efficiency through reduced use of cleaning solvents 9. Longer life of concrete terracotta slabs by reduced cleaning cycles 10. No dirt, stains or soiling which is sucked by water into a porous surface 11. No impairment of the optics of the surface 12. No moss or fungus formation 13. Short drying times 14. Solvent-free and odorless 15. Strong Hydro- and Oleophobic 16. UV-Stability 17. Through anti-water-effect a reduction in damage from frost/thawing. No cracking from ice.

Anti-pollution Crack Resistance Anti-graffiti Self-cleaning UV Protection Easy to Apply Stain Resistance Oleophobe Odorless Wear Resistance Solvent-free Frost resistance Waterproof Anti-moss

Manufacturer's Description

NewPro-Nano StonePlus with Antigraffiti Protection comes dissolved in water and ready to use. With the application of the coating, nanoscale particles bond with the surface structure. Through a chemical reaction in which silicon functional groups form a firm bond with the stone surface and give the stone surface a long lasting protective effect. Other functional groups lead to strongly distinctive hydro- and oleophobic properties, which correspond to easy care and maintenance.