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Registration Date 29 Nov 2015

Xsnano 50ml dispenser bottle treats 500 litres


Automotive Auto Additives

Fuel Additive


NPD Conjectured

Tungsten disulfide

WS2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 12138-09-9


XSnano Diesel Engine Fuel Additives
Diesel Engine


XSnano is good for your engine. The thermodynamic action of XSnano reduces and removes the incidence of carbon and colloid deposits that build up within the combustion chamber. XSnano will lubricate the critical parts of your fuel system.XSnano is good for the enviroment. XSnano provides a more complete burn of your fuel which can reduce harmful exhaust emissions up to 99%. XSnano is good for your pocket. Because the fuel is burt more efficiently and completely by using XSnano, more power is generated, thereby improving your fuel consumption. On an average you could expect upto 20% improvement in fuel economy. Improvement in power in some cases has been above 25%. Because XSnano increases the RON of petrol, there will be no need to buy premium fuels, a bigger saving.

Environmentally Friendly Friction Resistance Noise Reduction Reduction of Harmful Emissions Clean Combustion Energy Consumption Reduction Cleanable

Manufacturer's Description

XSnano fuel additive, is an "All In One" super-concentrated, environmentally friendly, multi-functional fuel additive that is a power booster, fuel saver, emissions reducer, engine protector and a combustion chamber deposit cleaner.