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Metal Thermal Insulation Coating (TOP-CHINA)


Construction Masonry Materials

Thermal Insulation Coating


1- Suitable for the roofs of steel structure house, warehouses, grain depot, storehouse, moving house , residential, cars drive rooms, board houses, etc, 2- Suitable for storage oil tank, oil tank truck, container, refrigerator, metals walls, workshed, ovens,as well as various metals in high temperature working situations.
Roof Metals Tanks Walls Home Food container Steal Oven Truck Refrigerator Storehouse


1- Heat reduction - in summer, the difference between inside and outside temperatures can be 15-30℃. 2- Thermal insulation - in winter, it can prevent heat transfer from the room interior to outdoor, to hold the indoor temperature. 3- Both water-borne and oily based are available,with 10+ years lifepan 4- Good adhesion,flexibility and impact capacity 5- Weather resistance, water resistance, stain resistance, acid & alkali resistance, can prevents water vapor condensation and metal surface oxidation. 6- Film compact - coating can stop air/water contacting with metal to prevent corrosion, anti-rust, and prolong its service life. 7- Good flame retardant performance 8- Easy to apply, color adjustable

Anti-pollution Flexibility Thermal Insulation Thermal stability Weatherability Easy to Apply Alkali Resistance Stain Resistance Corrosion resistance Fireproof High Adhesion Acid Resistance Waterproof