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Glass thermal insulation coating (TOP-CHINA)


Construction Masonry Materials

Thermal Insulation Coating


Suitable for coat glass doors and windows of buildings, planes, cars, trains, ships, traffic lights and glass curtains walls.
Insulation Glass Windows


1- Heat reduction - In summer, can reflect 80% of Infrared rays, and produces an indoor temperature difference of 5 ~ 10℃, so it can reduce the air conditioning energy consumption by 30 ~ 35%. 2- Thermal insulation - In winter, can reflect infrared light from the room interior, reduce the indoor heating load, so it can save air conditioning energy consumption by 25~30%. 3- Transparency - with visible light transmittance of 80~85%, it leaves the window transparent, and does not affect the indoor vision and lighting. 4- Health - can reflect 92% of UV radiation, to prevent indoor furniture aging and too much harm to human body. The small amount of UV light admitted can kill pathogenic bacteria and inhibit breeding. 5- Environmental protection - low VOC, and does not contain heavy metals or other harmful substances 6- Durability - good abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and weather resistance, with15+ year lifepan 7- Safety-high adhesion, good mechanical properties 8- Sound insulation - can absorb some sound wave to keep room quiet.

Mechanical Resistance Non-toxic Sound Insulation Thermal Insulation Thermal stability Transparency Weatherability UV Protection Durability Environmentally Friendly Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Abrasion Resistance High Adhesion Energy Consumption Reduction