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Cerium(IV) oxide

CeO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1306-38-3
Diameter : 5-25 nm


Diesel Engine


Because of the ingredients and the technology behind it, during energy production, the amount of unburnt fuel that is left is minimal if this product is added in the diesel before being used,” explains co-founder of the company Kumar Binit. Size matters, because a catalyst's activity is a function of its surface area, and the total surface area in a mass of particles rises exponentially as the mass of the individual particles decreases. As a result, only a small amount of the product is required; Eco-Neev is blended into diesel fuel at a ratio of just 10 parts per million. We have brought this product technology into India with the hope that socially responsible companies will not only benefit in reducing the operational cost by using Eco-Neev but also reducing harmful emissions. We have adopted this as a corporate social responsibility. Cerium Oxide is a catalyst which supplies oxygen to the combustion process and acts to clean carbon deposits from within the internal combustion engine.

Reduction of Harmful Emissions Energy Consumption Reduction

Manufacturer's Description

Eco-neev™ is a diesel fuel catalysts (based on a well-known combustion catalyst) which run on all types of diesel engines. Unlike other additives which cannot withstand the high temperatures of combustion chambers and hence act merely as surface cleaners for the parts up to the engine – Eco-neev, due to the fact that it is the only fuel additive which is a combustion catalyst and also uniquely, the only additive which can withstand the high temperatures of the combustion chamber, not only cleans the engines but act as catalysts thereby reducing consumption of diesel by 6 - 12% (in some cases up to 15% has been reported) and harmful carbon and particle emissions substantially reduces around 50% in India...due to higher impurity here than Europe where the reduction is ~15 to 18%.
Eco Neev – Biodiesel, Fuel Additives for Diesel Engine helps in saving FuelExhaustive testing in India, for several months, has been done by various large companies including Tata Steel. They were completely satisfied and have released long term commercial orders. These companies are not only cost conscious but also environment conscious and using eco-neev they are able .
In India Approx 6600 cr liter of diesel is burnt annually . One should remember that one liter of diesel emits approx 3.0 Kgs of CO2 emissions. Thus India emits approx 20,000 cr tones of carbon dioxide annually. While the Govt. and other companies are coming up with ‘green’ technology, there still remains a wide gap in the efforts and results as many of the industries use diesel to run their plants, machines and logistics. Burning up of diesel results in gases which are harmful to the atmosphere – like Carbon dioxide NOX,SOX , Particulate matter and smoke.
It would be thus a mammoth effort towards retardation of the global warming phenomena if such a variety of diesel itself is produced which wont emit these harmful gases on burning Nand ipl with the help of Nanotechnology, have produced an additive for diesel which will reduce the emission of harmful gases by as much as 20-30% percent and decreases the consumption of Diesel used by the diesel engines by as much as 5-15 percent and thus in turn helps in reducing the cost of fuel for bulk diesel users.

”Eco-Neev” fuel-efficiency enhancer uses cerium oxide as a catalyst. This metal is one of several used in catalytic converters to reduce the amount of air pollution in engine exhaust. Cerium usually plays a supporting role to platinum, which is a more active catalyst but also more expensive. Fashioning cerium oxide into nanoparticles just 5 to 25 nanometers in diameter has given Nand ipl two advantages: it has turned the cheaper metal into a highly active catalyst and produced it in a form that can be blended directly into the fuel