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Jiajialy Nano Energy-saving & Anti-UV Solution


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1. Nalybol Nano Energy-saving & Anti-UV Solution, Nalybol Nano Energy-saving & Anti-UV Glass can be widely used in various industry and markets with broader market space and widely application fields 2. Used on building glass windows, glass curtain walls, luxury hotels, office buildings, private houses, exhibition halls etc. for heat insulation, Anit-UV and energy saving. 3. Used on planes cars, trains and ships etc for heat insulation and electromagnetic wave shielding. 4. Used on observing doors of microwave ovens, protective glasses for resistance of the static, electromagnetic. 5. Used on inorganic glasses , synthetic glasses and glass beads for surface treatment. 6. Used for safety of encryption systems as computer rooms, communication bases, radar shielding areas and security windows etc. 7. Used on transparent incubators, thermostatic baths for heat preservation. 8. Used in solar batteries as antireflection layers and transparent electrode
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1. More Energy Saving : Heat insulation performance is superior to domestic similar products, significantly reduce the energy consumption by AC and heaters, save energy up to 30-40% 2. More heat insulation: Its heat insulation performance is similar to 30cm thickness brick wall; block over 90% IR from getting insider with obvious heat insulation effect. 3. More UV shielding: Shield over 85%(290-380nm) UV, protect peoples’ healthes, prevent indoors furniture and window curtain from fading, protect office equipments and extend their working life. 4. More environmental protection: Water-based Solvent, adopting international advanced nano technology, exactly matches national environmental requirements; It can be applied to existing building for energy saving transformation without replacing glasses and construction wastes. It is a real high-tech and ecological product. 5. More economical: Cost of energy saving transformation is only 40% of replacing Low-E glasses. Price is much lower than imported heat insulation glass coating and glass film. It can be directly operated on the existing building without changing glasses. 6. More efficient operation: Rapid solidify in 20 mins without extra heating; It can be directly applied to the existing glasses from inside and as it is the pioneer of this industry. 7. More Secure: high adhesive attraction and mechanical property, prolong breaking glass fragments falling time to avoid hurting people 8. More sanitary: with anti-electrostatic feature, it can reduce pollution of electromagnetic wave and dust adhesion; effectively reduce insects because of its anti-UV function.

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