Registration Date 1 Dec 2015

Naborel Engine Oil Additive


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Oil Additive


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C Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7782-40-3


Save oil more than 2,2%. Enhance horsepower more than 3.2%. Reduce exhaust emissions more than 33%. Increase the service life of the engine. Get easier cold start. Enhance horsepower and airproof capacity of the engine. Decrease the noise and exhaust gas emission. Save the cost for repairing and maintenance of the engine.

Friction Resistance Noise Reduction Reduction of Harmful Emissions Energy Consumption Reduction

Manufacturer's Description

Nano diamond powder, which is a new kind of nano structured material, with some modifications improves the performance of engine oils and/or industrial lubricants by increasing friction coefficient. Adding this remarkable material into engine oils gets many wonderful effects on vehicle engines via diamond tribofilm and ball bearing effect; decreases friction coefficient, alleviates the surface abrasion, saves engine oil, prolongs the work life of engines and gearings, decreases fuel consumption, increases engine power, reduces exhaust emissions, reduces the noise and helps cold start.
Added into the engine or lubrication oil, the high chemical activities that happen on the surface makes the nano diamond particles in the additive combined with the metal form a layer of smooth, strong, anti-wear solid tribofilm. Meanwhile, the ball-shaped nano diamond in the agent changes the gliding friction into rolling friction, then decreases the friction coefficient greatly and the abrasion, solves the difficulty of the engine critical lubricating performance in the circumstance of cold boot, and ensures the stability of working engine.