Registration Date 8 Sep 2014

Nano All-Surface Treatment (AST)


Construction Masonry Materials



Added Protection For Any Material
Ceramic industry Plastics Rubber Glass Metals All types of fabrics Paper Wood


Nano All-surface Treatment is a highly versatile treatment formulation designed to enhance a materials resistance to degradation and improve its overall quality. The solution works by bonding protective nano-ingredients with a materials surface on a molecular level to produce a wide variety of long-lasting benefits for practically any material. This includes metals to ceramics, glass to rubber, even plastics, wood, paper and fabrics. Once applied to a material, Nano All-surface Treatment helps to prevent mould, bacteria, corrosion, rust and staining. Simultaneously, it improves the materials water repellent and flame retardant capabilities as well as resistance to UV damage. For example, a metal treated with Nano All-surface Treatment will be protected against corrosion and easier to clean. Water will also bead and roll off more easily instead of pooling on the surface and causing a watermark. Plus, paint will be less affected by UV exposure. Application is also fuss-free, cost-effective and quick. Basically, all that is needed is to dilute Nano All-surface Treatment with water and apply it to the material that needs treatment. Harder materials like metals benefit more from a higher concentration of about 15 to 30% while softer materials like wood or fabric benefit even at a concentration of just 2%. In terms of usage opportunities, the possibilities are near endless. Nano All-surface Treatment can be used as an added treatment solution for car washes; on building materials, furniture and interior home fittings; and as a value-added addition to a production process.

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-pollution UV Protection Durability Mould Resistance Stain Resistance Corrosion resistance Fireproof Degradation Resistance