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Protective serum with nanoparticles, mainly of gold, silver, zinc and silicon, activates natural processes of skin auto-cleaning and the regeneration processes. It does not damage the protective natural barrier, reinstates correct skin pH and opens the pores. Thanks to the recipe enhanced with natural vitamin C, natural organic silicon, active nanoparticles, active nanoparticles of silver, zinc and organic silicon, it has a permanent beneficial impact, in particular they: activate the natural processes of deep cleaning, ensure natural and correct pH of the skin, inhibit the development of microbes responsible for the occurrence of inflammation, reduce the number and size of blackheads and eczema, limit generation of new blackheads and eczema, narrow and clean pores, make the wrinkles shallower, improve skin colour, eliminate shine, regain youth and revitalise, soothe and relieve irritations, especially thermal and solar burns and areas bitten by insects. Thanks to the presence of active gold nanoparticles, NANOSERUM maintains permanent correct moisture levels of the skin, supports tissues and reinstates correct synthesis of colloid fibres, thus preventing wrinkles from generation. It makes the skin look fresh and healthy, and strongly supports the actions of any other reconditioning therapy!

PH Control Anti-wrinkle Anti-aging Skin Moisturizing Skin Rejuvenation Regenerating skin Revitalizant

Manufacturer's Description

We particularly recommend a regular use of the Nanoserum Spectrum, which has a unique combination of active substances, to remove stretch marks, capillaries, discolorations and other skin defects, as well as for a breast lymphatic massage, which can effectively make the bust more firm and prevent forming of early precancerous lesions, such as lipoma, fibroma and other mastopathic changes.