Registration Date 12 Dec 2015



Construction Masonry Materials



NPD Conjectured

Silicon dioxide

SiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7631-86-9


1. Natural Stone: Limestone, Granite, Sandstone, etc. 2. Building Materials: Concrete, Polished Concrete, Terrazzo, Face Brick, etc.
Granite Concrete Brick Sandstone Terrazzo Limestone Natural stone


1. Higher hydrophobic effect: Aquashield Ultimate has a higher contact angle comparing with its competitors, which means higher water repellency. Contact angle > 150º= Super-hydrophobicity 2. Total Resistance against UV: The nano-structure of the product does not have weak structures which could be attacked by UV and, thus, the weather resistance of the product is higher than of its competitors. 3. Transparency: Comparing with the performances provided by some of its competitors, the Aquashield Ultimate doesn’t change neither its aspect, colour nor the structure of the treated surface. 4. Total Permeability: In contrast with traditional water repellents based on siloxanes, AQUASHIELD Ultimate does not form any film, allowing the breathe ability of the substrate. In case of leak inside the material, the absorption of the water via capillarity, condensation, etc. will allow drying the material. 5. Re-applicability: Aquashield Ultimate is a totally replicable product, without having to remove previous application wastes, avoiding expensive cleaning processes: brushing, sandblasting, etc. 6. Cost: It offers high performances products comparing with important competitors with price 2-3 times lower, coming closer to the prices of the competitors which products show lower performances.

Transparency Weatherability UV Protection Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

AQUASHIELD ULTIMATE is a nanotechnology based water repellent with very high performances which offers a total protection for porous and low porosity substrates (natural stone, brick, concrete, ceramic, etc.).

Against the main damages caused by the action of the water and humidity (efflorescence, filtration, micro-organism growth or building materials premature deterioration).

It is a product that completely avoids the ageing and degradation of the building wall that protects. External laboratories certify that the Aquashield Ultimate allows the conservation of the materials in optimal conditions during a long period of time higher than 10 years.